Kelly graduated from Cal State Long Beach with a BFA in Illustration. After helping manage a Japanese retail store, editing photos of potentially bootleg Asian antiques, running around a warehouse filled with anime, and a brief stint as an accounting / HOA liaison / customer service / personal assistant in training, Kelly realized if she can manage to excel at these odd jobs with little to no training, why not utilize her creativity to its fullest, foster her true potential and fulfill her dreams instead ?
Now, Kelly conquers creative challenges daily with a constant flow of tea at her side. With a blend of traditional and digital mediums, her illustrations boast a quiet sort of visual palette with a gentle nod toward Japanese culture & aesthetics. She aims to capture feelings of awkwardness, subtle joys, & alienation. She hopes that her work can bring tiny bits of happiness and amusement to someone's day.
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"What else can you do ?" This.

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